Hi! I’m Pablo, a Space Dinosaur ✨🦕. I’m also a game artist and animator, or probably a bunch of kids in a robe. I’m currently working in Dreams at Media Molecule and yes, it’s a dream.

In this site I try to collect my work related to games, animation and illustration. Have a look!

I threw a bunch of my stuff in the oven and this came out:

If you want to see more of that, check my ✨Vimeo channel

3D models grab bag

WIP 3D art for “All For None” (2015) (Character designs by Lucy Morris)

Magnet-O-Bro (unreleased platformer game by Room 247 Studio)

Magnetic 3D artist, metal rigger, polarized animator, wild storyboarder.

Pixel art for “Boken Egg” unreleased game with Milan Pingel

I like chicken because they are dinosaurs OuO

Moar pixel art

Magnetoid (Android game by Room 247 Studio)

ZAP ZAP! I made some of the pixel art and animated the intro scene… in Blender! YES! ZAP ZAP!

A peek behind the scenes:

2D art for “Dance Mate” GGJ 2016

Watch a let’s play by Motherly Justice.
01 - w42UakOchofy0

Just look at this cute doggy (Blender Grease Pencil)

Testing Grease Pencil on Blender

Photography+illustration for “Plents” (2009) [PDF 17.6MB]

Zoom in to see the illustration on the ones marked with “*”

2D art basket

» Watch my talk at the Blender Conference 2014, “Free Culture by default in the Blender Community” [ODP 19.6MB]


» Watch my talk at the Blender Conference 2017, “Chickens, robots and Squishies. Animation case study”


I still use email!
I still use email
Check my videos!


Free Culture!

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